1. National Geographic Kids: I really like this website because it has lots of games, videos, and information over a variety of topics. I think that this would be a wonderful addition to my future classroom because this website is very kid-friendly and eye-catching. There are tons of high-quality pictures and interesting facts that teachers and students will both enjoy.


  1. Brain Pop Jr.: I love this website because there are lessons provided for all subjects. There are also tons of fun games and activities for students to complete at the end of each lesson. I think this is especially great because it gives teachers an idea of how they can assess students in a way that is more interesting and fun for the student.


  1. PBS Kids: This is an awesome website because kids can learn new things while playing fun and educational games. I think this would be great to use as a “fast-finisher” activity because it keeps students occupied while still being educational.


  1. Time for Kids: This is a new website to me but one that I am quickly loving more and more. Articles are separated by grade level so that all students can read about new topics, which I love. Each article is very kid-friendly, easy to read and includes lots of high-quality pictures, which I think is important for early readers. This would be a great website for teachers to use as reading material for students.


  1. ABCmouse: I like ABCmouse because it is very kid-friendly and appealing to teachers and students. They provide hundreds of lessons that teachers can use for their students but in a format that draws students’ attention and makes learning fun. This would be good to use to supplement instruction.