• This semester I learned how to incorporate technology into the classroom in ways that are fun, transformative, and educational.
  • The new skills I have learned from this class will help make my presentations for other classes more interactive and entertaining.
  • I would like to learn more about using AR/VR technology in the classroom. I think that this type of technology is very interactive and would be enjoyed by everyone in class.
  • Growing up, the only technology we used in the classroom was the projector to take notes from. I can't recall a single activity I did in class that involved something other than creating a powerpoint presentation. Students today are using technology to play games and fully immerse themselves in the subject area, which is something I did not have while in school.
  • There is nothing specific that comes to mind that I wish would have been taught differently.
  • I really enjoy the hybrid learning environment but I think this class could be done completely online. Because we never took notes or had tests and all of our assignments were done online, there really is no reason to meet face to face in this particular course.
  • At the beginning of the semester I thought that technology could obviously be a useful tool in the classroom but was a little intimidated at the thought of incorporating it into the classroom in a meaningful way. Now I feel more confident in my ability to effectively incorporate technology in the classroom and am more open to finding new and creative ways to do so.